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Enabling Holistic Wellness : For People & Spaces

Holistic healing and spiritual practices.

Conscious Metamorphosis

We at The Why’s Owl facilitate metamorphosis, helping transform you and your experiences.

We believe you are on your own unique journey and that there is no good or bad / right or wrong experiences. If you choose to walk the path with us, we are happy to partner with you towards an enriched and more fulfilling life.

Thoughtfully Tailored

Each session is tailor made for you. We chat with you one-on-one to identify the problems you are facing (diagnostics) and then suggest a variety of techniques to resolve the blocks (healing based).

This process helps you identify triggers, trauma or wounds which are needed to be healed.

We then work on healing those issues using holistic practices ranging from spiritual to therapy based tools.

The techniques we use range from channeling messages from your spirit or animal guides, answering questions through akashic records to NLP, inner child healing, IEMT and trauma releasing therapy. In the entire process you will get to know yourself a little more, understand your triggers and consciously heal them using various techniques and healing practices.

Our Expertise

Akashic Records

Connecting with the energetic records to answer questions around karmic relationships or get guidance from spirit guides


Healing practices to heal ailments in the body using Bach Flower, Shamanism, Crystals, Reiki and Pranic Healing

Telepathy Communication

Communicating with animals, plants, wildlife, landscapes to get guidance or finding lost animals

Manifestation Program

Tailored program to help you manifest your goals, dreams and desires

Our Expertise

Access Consciousness

Running Access Bars to get rid of limiting beliefs, and removing blockages associated with those beliefs.

NLP, IEMT & Hypnotherapy

Using techniques to train the mind to change habits, patterns, release trauma and limiting beliefs, recoding mind for success

Inner Child Healing

Healing and nurturing the inner child - to address needs that were not met in childhood to heal trauma & abandonment issues.

Chakra Healing

Meditation and Chakra healing sessions to balance and heal through chakras

Bytes & Vibes...

Shweta Dubey

"Master appears when the student is ready - my experience with The Why's Owl can be summed up in this phrase. I had vague knowledge about few of the holistic healing things but Nanki introduced me to the world of possibilities and energy shifts. She has a very precise & focused approach and is extremely efficient with all her techniques. I would recommend her expertise to anyone who is looking for 'the answers' ,'the ways' and is keen about 'the outcomes'. Guided meditation, NLP & manifestation techniques, telepathic communication with my pet, reading Akashic records - she has helped me in ways more than what I have mentioned here. Reach out to her and Surprise yourself!"

Ashema Mehtta

“The Why's Owl, Thank You very much for your precise Akashic records reading for me, and my dear ones. Each of them had high regard for your reading, patience and time given. Your reading was precise and came across effortlessly giving a valuable direction. It validated many doubts and queries. I am so glad that you helped us decode the relevant facts and helped us make appropriate decisions.

Many blessings to you The Why's Owl, Nanki and much gratitude for everything ."

"Heartfelt Thank you to The Why's Owl for your compassionate and extremely powerful detailed direction in locating my lost pet cat Buttercup within the span of an hour literally!!!

It was the morning of the 6th day with her gone and the excruciating pain in my heart is indescribable....not to talk of the physical exertion of calling n looking for her everywhere. Now, with your help I can breathe easy my dear

This is the second miracle in terms of locating my lost pet... It is absolutely unbelievable n miraculous what you all are doing. It has opened up a whole new dimension of how I view my pets now...In fact all animals really. You are God send and there is nothing but love and blessings emanating from my heart for you.. Kudos and more success to you dear... God bless"

Meet Nanki Singh: The Originator of T.W.O.

"I had always felt a calling towards spirituality, & having experienced emotional abuse in my childhood, I have resonated more with the spiritual & animal world. This calling led me to explore various facets of my life which brought me closer to my purpose.

I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis at the age of 27 and started seeking answers on how to heal my body. After a long, painful journey of healing RA, Grave’s disease, Hashimotos & Autoimmune Hepatitis, I was able to reach the pot of gold, that made me wiser, more compassionate and more experienced. I learnt these techniques along the way that helped me transform my pain to power. I have successfully reversed my diseases and live disease and pain free.

Today, I communicate with animals, landscapes, read Akashic records, channel messages, use NLP techniques and teach manifestation programs. I also work with clients to help them let go of traumatic events of the past, using IEMT, NLP,inner child healing techniques, Bach flower therapy & more to support holistic healing."

Meet Abhijit Sah: One of the founders

From the ruffle of the leaves to the folds of the cloud, I have always been curious to know what makes this world tick. These fascinating pursuits of my imaginations have led me to explore the inner workings and the psyche behind why we do what we do.

As happens with most of us, I have gone through challenges in various aspects of my life that passively pushed me to seek the answers. While reeling through the darkness of guilt and feeling like a victim of my karma, I searched, explored, and learnt. I bumped into a mentor who helped me pivot this phase of my life by instilling belief in the idea - ‘Everything in this world is a point of view. And that, I always have a choice about the point of view that I want to accept in that moment.’ This is where my perspective about the world shifted!

It instilled in me a belief and empowered me. It kickstarted the belief that we are all infinite beings and I kept nurturing this belief by learning inner child healing, access facilitation, reiki and chakra healing to mention a few.

Through this forum, I welcome you to experience your power, your infiniteness. It requires a single step to shift our reality and my life experiences are a proof of that. If you are wondering, how are you going to shift your reality, just connect over for a quick conversation. A simple and earnest conversation has deep healing impact, and we can start this wonderful journey with that. As far as the details go, for now, leave that to us- we will walk you through it when we connect. Remember, it all starts with an earnest conversation.

Let’s turn the page….shall we?

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